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It’s about time we can make the ends meet.

1. Eligibility

We offer a wide range of loan and other financial services.

To be eligible for a Gold Allianze Capital Loan, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • This loan is only applicable to Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents or PRs, Foreigners or Expatriates residing in Singapore.
  • The minimum age requirement to be eligible for loan with us is 21 years of age and the maximum age requirement is 65 years of age.
  • The applicant must have a minimum income of SGD 18, 000 per annum or above.

2. Application

We pride ourselves in delivering the best financial support possible to our clients.

We have a commitment to ensure that our clients receive the best financial support and care so that they feel happy and safe with us. Therefore they able to achieve debt free and thrive for more in life .
Our Customer Services team are all trained to have an adequate knowledge on the provisions of these laws, rules and regulation in Singapore to support the application process.

3. Review Process

Our review process has put us in the top 10 licensed moneylender in Singapore.

We will not make a loan where repayment of that loan results in substantial hardship for our customers.
We make inquiries to our customers to determine whether a loan is not unsuitable for them we will ensure that:

  • There is a reasonable surplus of income available to meet unforeseen circumstances before taking into consideration the repayment of our loan
  • The income is consistent and predictable over the course of the loan repayment term
  • Customer living costs and expenses are reasonably determined even if they are not disclosed to us voluntarily
  • We take all of the customers existing financial obligations into consideration including debt and non-debt obligations
  • There is not a living cost dependence on our loan given the customer’s other financial commitments
  • Debt refinance to ensure that there is a net benefit to the customer
  • Purpose of the loan

4. Success

You will be welcomed to enjoy Gold Allianze Capital funding.

Approved borrowers can safely borrow anywhere from $500 onward, pay it all back comfortably using flexible repayments and schedule before confirming the loan.