Loan for Foreigners

Here at Gold Allianze Capital, we offer a simple personal loan services for foreigners and expatriates residing in Singapore.
Giving you an easy, efficient way to meet some of life’s expenses.

Our personal loans for foreigners are suitable for anyone with a variety of needs, reasons, and circumstances behind needing finance and we are committed to doing whatever we can to help all of our customers get the funds they need.

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It’s about time we can make the ends meet.

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Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

We offer a wide range of personal loans and financial services.


We make financial decisions every day. Gold Allianze Capital Private Limited offer a range of personal loans and can offer customise repayment scheme to best meet your needs. We are not only providing loans services, we also take this opportunity to provide educational information to help you manage your money and better understanding for your financial situation.

If you require financial backup for your businesses and grab the golden opportunities then one of our SMEs loan packages may be right up your street.

There is another option, which is you are a foreigners or expatriates residing in Singapore experiencing financial constraints,  Gold Allianze Capital Private Limited have the loan packages that will suit the type of financial support you need.

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We will promote better informed decisions about our loan services information, details repayment schedule, interest rate and the fees applicable.


We will comply with all relevant laws, rules and regulations relating to our Moneylending business in Singapore.

We will act fairly and reasonably towards you in a consistent and ethical manner.


We will ensure our staff are trained so that they can competently and efficiently discharge their functions and provide the loans that they are authorised to provide in compliance with moneylenders laws, rules and regulations in Singapore.

Making Loans

We will not make a loan where repayment of that loan results in substantial hardship for our customers and ensure that debt refinance is beneficial to the customer.